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Process & Approach

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Life is Filled With Transitions...

Both those you planned for and others you never imagined. Either way, change is often stressful and emotional. Our multi-generational team offers diverse experience and expertise to help you effectively navigate life, as it happens. Rather than relying on an ‘annual review’ to find out about recent events in your life, we take an integrated approach to building relationships and supporting our clients. We are available when and in the ways your family needs us, ensuring that you have confidence when facing a life transition or significant financial decision.

The Comprehensive Team Approach

Our Consultative Process

Full Client Experience

We approach each new engagement collaboratively. This allows us to have an open dialogue in which we learn about our client’s values and goals, and create a plan to help achieve them. As a valued client, you will recognize the five steps below as the process you have experienced with us. Through our second-opinion service, your friends, family members, and associates can enjoy a portion of this experience at no cost.

What to Expect from our Second-Opinion Service

We will meet with your friends, family members and associates for a Discovery Meeting. Assuming that we both agree that we have a basis for working together, they will return for the Investment Plan Meeting. Hopefully, we can confirm they are on track to fulfill their values and achieve their goals with their current financial provider. If needed, we will suggest ways in which we can help, including recommending another provider if we are not a good fit for their needs. Either way, they will receive a personalized summary and analysis of their current situation.